Dr. Constantino VIGNATO


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Dr. Costantino Vignato date of birth 14/12/1965 lives in Vicenza, Italy.
Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1990 by the University of Padua.
Specialized in General Dentistry in 2001.
Ower at Poliambulatorio Vignato- Studio Dentistico Dentisti Vignato.
Master in Implantology at the University of Genova in 1998.
His field of activity is mostly about Prosthetic and Prosthetic on Implants.
He follows many annual courses among others the one hold from Dr. Mauro Fradeani and Dr.Carlo De Chiesa.
He tooks same other master in Gnatology and Occlusion disorder.
Always interested on digital workflow is developing technich for Full Mouth Rehabilitation by using digital support.
He made researches on laser in dentistry at the Laserendotechnic with Prof. Levy, San Clemente, Ca.
He is fellow of Dr Ignazio Loi. With Dr. Loi developed the theory of Prama implant and modalities of use.
He frequently holds lectures in National and International congresses about implants.
He holds corses on his own office with live surgery and in diretta rehabilitation.
Relator for Sweden&Martina since 2016.

12 Apr. 2019


12:50 – 13:35

National Romanian Opera House - Timisoara

„PRAMA IMPLANT: Rampa effect and gingival stabilty”

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Modern implantology aim to imitate the natural teeth for aesthetic purposes and chewing function.
Prama rappresent a new generation of implants made up of two different areas in a monolithic structure.
The rough part of it lead the osteointegration and the conical area support and push the soft tissue coronally, in what we call ‘ramp effect’.
The contact between the emerging profile of the crown and the soft tissue creates gingival stability and the natural aspect of the tooth.