Dr. Federico Brunner


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University Education

Dr. Federico Brunner completed the first University Cycle in the Faculty of Medicine in University Complutense of Madrid in 1998, then he graduated from the University of Alfonso X sabio of Dentistry in Madrid in 2001.

Post Graduate Education

  • Training in Oral Surgery and Impalnt in Republica Cuba, La Habana 2004/2005/2006/2007
  • Postgraduate in implants in Madrid (from Implantológico Europeo) Dr. Pedro Peña 2004, 2012, 2013
  • Updating new materials in Maxillary bone grafts techniques New York University (NYU) 2008
  • Intensive Residency in Institute for Advance Dental Studies (Mayron Nevins) Boston June 2010
  • Digital Smile Design Concept Course in London 2014
  • Sidney Kina. Veneers. Brazil 2014
  • .DSD Master 2016 (smile designer)
  • Microvision Ukraine 2017
  • .Aesthetic Dentistry Awards Overall Winner 2015 United Kingdom
  • Full mouth rehabilitation – Oclusion ABC Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017-2018
  • .Co-founder of Dental Photography Academy
  • .KOL DSD team

13 Apr. 2019


15:50 – 16:35


„Aesthetic planning guided by the face”

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Everything begins with the smile. Aesthetic diagnosis as a keystone of the treatment planning.
How to implement a facially driven workflow in interdisciplinary cases, increasing aesthetics, precision and efficiency. This lecture will present pragmatic step‐by‐step procedures of how to design smiles in harmony with faces, improve the decision making process and increase case acceptance.
Harmony among the teeth, lips, and facial components is the goal of any treatment, whether performed by conventional or digital workflow methods.
A single clinical appointment is needed for data collection included dentofacial documentation with photographs and videos.
Digital Smile Design: A Tool for Treatment Planning and Communication in Esthetic Dentistry.