Dr. Florin Bobia


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I graduated “Carol I” Highschool in Craiova in 1995 and Dental School in 2001. I earned my degree in Oral Surgery in 2005 in my hometown University of Dentistry, after a 3 year residency at the Regional Hospital. Between 2008 and 2011 I worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Craiova.

I completed a number of post-graduate courses in Europe including:

  -an internship in Oral Surgery and Implantology with prof. Daniel Buser at Bern University, Switzerland

  -an intensive course in bone and soft tissue augmentations with dr. Istvan Urban in Budapest, Hungary

   -a complete 6 module programme focused exclusively on soft tissue management at Steigmann Institute, Heidelberg, Germany

I opened my first small private practice in 2003; since then, it has grown into “Perfect 32”- a modern clinic focused on complex dental rehabilitations such as bone and soft tissue reconstructions, dental implants and aesthetic treatments.

11 Apr. 2019


13:15 – 14:15

Aula Magna - UMFT

„Divergent vs Convergent or Past vs Future?”

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Starting with Branemark implant till now a lot have changed into our work. Osseointegration is no longer enough. New protocols, new implant macro and micro designs are emerging on the market.

A convergent implant is now available. Is it the future? Both types of implant, divergent and convergent, will be discussed and compared in this presentation and multiple similar clinical cases will be use for exemplification.


Intre clasic si modern.
Intre ceea ce odata a reprezentat inovatie si s-a impus de-a lungul anilor ca o certitudine si ceea ce este acum revoluționar si așteaptă confirmarea timpului si a rezultatelor.
Intre trecut sigur si viitor probabil.
Intre cele doua concepte, unul divergent si altul convergent, are loc, in prezent, o partida…
Vom avea un învins si un învingător?
Va fi remiza?
Haideți sa aflam împreuna!
Divergent vs convergent. Past vs future