Ș.L. Dr. Șerban  TALPOȘ


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Prof. Serban Talpos, D.M.D. is working to University of Pharmacy and Medicine “Victor Babes” from Timisoara as an assistant professor in the Maxillo-Facial Surgery Department.
He obtains PhD degree in Medical Sciences from 2006. Member of European Association of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, he is a primary care physician in the Specialty of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery. Dr. Serban Talpos is the head of the private practice clinic “Confident Dr Talpos” from Timisoara where is focused on implant dentistry, oral surgery and interdisciplinary treatment, in collaboration with experienced enthusiastic doctors and skilled national dental technicians. He also is the author of numerous publications and books on various topics regarding dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery, with an important national and international lecturing activity.

13 Apr. 2019


10:50 – 11:35


Full digital one-day implant (one-day treatment) – does it work?

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Digital dentistry gives us the possibility of planning and previewing future implants prosthetically driven.

With the help of the surgical guide and the dedicated software we can perform a temporary prosthetic restauration before surgery so that the patient goes home in the same day with implants, abutments and crowns.
Optical impression with high-precision scanners (4µm), year to year improving planning software and high-quality 3D medical printers are some of the ingredients that ensure success. The prefigured advantages are obvious: reduced working time, increased accuracy, implantation precision and predictability.
The application of an immediate digital provisionalization protocol to a single or multiple implants can be successful if all the precautions are taken.